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Luísa Tomé
09ºWest Founder

She was born in Lisbon in 1969. She got her degree in Agricultural Engineering in the University of Évora. She also attended a History of Art course in the National Academy of Fine Arts. She practises yoga and swimming, and she has a passion for adventure trips, particularly those involving trekking.
She has travelled all around the world. She has climbed the Island Peak in Nepal, the Rash Dashen in Ethiopia, Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, the White Mountain in France, the Toubkal in Morocco, the Almonzor and the Ameal de Pablo in Spain, Ararat in Turkey, Elbrus in Russia, among others. She has crossed Patagonia and rode through the Gobi desert in Mongolia; she has met the northern tribes of Thailand and she roamed through the Inca Trail in Peru, at a time when no one else would do it. She has swum with turtles, friendly sharks and sea lions in the Galapagos Islands in Equator.
For her «the moon can wait».
She works full time at the agency, where she is responsible for the administrative and financial areas. She would eat Dahl Bat everyday... if only she could!

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