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Self Guided - Route of Historic Villages

Penha Garcia
Serra da Estrela N.P.

Made of granite or shale, they shield stories of wars, conquests and old traditions.
They are located in the centre of the country and can be seen from far away because of the tall towers of their medieval castles. Nowadays they are peaceful and quiet, and their streets and houses still keep the most genuine of Portugal’s features: the authenticity of its people and a 900 year old proud History.
But it wasn’t always like this. Built on the top of mountains and hills, from their towers and walls watch was kept over the surrounding land. That is why they are so strategically located along the border. Kings and landlords knew that this was the only way they could get some quiet rest.
However, they were wrong! Moors, Christians, Castilians and Portuguese, they all tried to conquer these lands and that is why each one of these villages has some very ancient tale to tell.
You will find many reasons to be conquered by our Historic Villages. And it won’t be just because of their heritage and history. Here, you will be able to enjoy some of Portugal’s most magnificent landscapes and feel surrounded by its natural warmth.

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