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Azores - Flores & Corvo, the Occidental Islands

Volcano crater at Corvo Island
Coastal Trail on Flores
Flores Island Unesco heritage

In the Atlantic Ocean, in the western part of the Azores archipelago, about 1800km away from the New World, you’ll find the islands of Flores and Corvo.
The last two islands to be discovered conceal a landscape of great beauty!
According to reports that date back a few centuries, the process of human settlement here was slow and difficult, particularly due to the volcanic eruptions that took place over time. At the end of this journey, you’ll understand why and surely the Azores will never leave you again – for many reasons. For the wild and exuberant natural landscape; for the many shades of green peppered with moistness; and for the infinite ocean whose colors change as the clouds dictate.
And, of course, for its people, who greet every traveler with a smile and naturally invite you to become a part of the family. This is the genuine Portugal and, despite the distance, it is very close to our hearts!

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