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Azores - Flores & Corvo through the lenses

photography workshops
Flores Island
Corvo Island

el Santos we’ll go in a trip to the most western and remote part of Portugal, to the extreme of Europe. We invite you to the most beautiful landscapes of our country. We headed to the West, to Flores and Corvo Islands.

This is a journey that lead us to photograph landscapes we’ve already seen in books and magazines but now they are in front of us, in the distance of a shutter-release. But beyond the landscapes we know, we will also see others that not so many people know, because our guide is a local from Flores island and by boat or car he will take us to the locals where nature displays is magic purity.
Whether you are a started or an experienced photographer, come to live the passion of photography with people you are really passionate about it, with the backdrop of the most beautiful scenery on the planet.

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