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Luis Dias
Operations Director

Born in 1973 in Africa, but soon began to walk through the trails of Portugal.
Despite his training in history, he enjoys sharing his knowledge of geology and biology.
His field experience allows him to know many parts of Portugal and Spain as the "palm of his hands" or as "sole of his boots."
He loves the outdoors, history and ethnography of our country. Has come to our mountains and valleys from north to south is a true “Papa-Léguas”. Outside Portugal, Nepal is the country that more  touched his heart. The Annapurna region has marked him. He traveled through the mountains of Bolivia and Peru, and Pirim Rila in Bulgaria, throughout the Atlas in Morocco and many parts from Scotland to Turkey.
As he himself says, "my work is a hobby." In addition to traveler  he works full time at the agency,
and guide Walks.
He loves a good dish of cod with bras. Or Setan with bras because he became a vegetarian in his spare time.


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