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Tiago Viana

He was born in 1976 in Lisbon. He graduated in Sport Sciences at Universidade Técnica de Lisboa and he has also got a degree at ISLA, in Lisbon, in Tourism, specializing as a Guide-Interpreter.
He has always loved trekking and adventure trips, whether walking through the wild mountains or the streets of a big city or a small village.
History, ethnography and the opportunity to interact with other people are the elements that add a special flavour to his trips.
He loves reading and writing travelogues.
In Portugal, he loves the shades of colour and light of the Azores, the strength rendered by the cliffs of the Portuguese coast, the colour of chestnut trees in the fall (and the roasted chestnuts as well...).
His motto is very simple: «The next trip will always be the best».
He works full time as a Guide-Interpreter.
He loves Portuguese traditional food: Cozido à Portuguesa, Roasted Lamb, Lamprey Rice... In fact, he loves all of it!


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