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Carlos Mendes

He was born in 1974 in the Azores and he’s an international scuba diving instructor and first aider, but you’ll find more trips in his resume than training courses or diplomas.
He practises canoeing, cycling and free diving, and he’s equally fascinated by the high mountains and the deep blue. He’s a fan of wildlife photography. In his backpack, there are photo albums of New Zealand and Patagonia, the Incas and the Masai, the Himalayas and the Alps, the Piquinho of the Pico island and the Kilimanjaro, among other seas and oceans, where he can be found travelling alongside whales, dolphins and penguins.
He works as a sea skipper and mountain guide in the islands of Corvo and Flores in the Azores.
He loves homemade chocolate mousse.


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